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V jednom topicu na fóru na Gamespotu se nám podařilo objevit zprávu od jistého muže, který tvrdí, že má informace o ději MGS4. Pravděpodobně je to fake informace, ale je to opravdu věrohodné, posud?ě sami.

"The irony with this installment is simply too great to comprehend. At E3 this year, Kojima will be revealing MGS4 for the PlaySation 3. Fans worldwide expressed their interest in this game long before any trailer hit, and now people will have a reason to freak out: Vamp, Meryl, Olga's child, the Patriots, Roy Cambell (no longer a Colonel), Solid Snake, Big Boss (yes, Big Boss), and Raiden will be coming back, but the ironic twist; NONE of them are as they were in previous games.

"Vamp isn't a vampire anymore and goes by a new, more realistic name. He is however, apparently immortal. The twist? He died before the events at Big Shell took place. He's living proof of what the Patriots called "dead-cell reanimation". This is why the unit was called Dead Cell in MGS2 and Vamp was their true leader, not Solidus. He was a spy for the Patriots and also a guinea pig for the eventual recreation of Big Boss. Near the end of MGS4, it is revealed Liquid’s true motive was to bring back his father now that dead-cell animation has had its first truly successful run...

“The most important part of MGS4 I wanted to explain to those who want to know, is the secret of Raiden. In the trailer that will unveil at E3 it is going to show Raiden only at the very end, and it is the surprise Kojima can’t wait for everyone to find out. What you are about to read no one else knows yet and if you are a die-hard fan, you might not want to read this. Those who want to know the truth… here it is:

“Raiden. The character nobody liked from MGS2. Fans jokingly wanted him killed and Kojima took that personally. He liked the idea of introducing Raiden and genuinely loved his creation and role in MGS2, but he had an idea. What he did next was set it up so that everyone, no matter what kind of fan you were, would not only love this idea, but you’d never see it coming. The twist on Raiden in MGS4: he’s already dead. Midway through the game he dies from a mine (like Fox), but we’re meant to think he’s clinging to life. He’s not though, and his body is used as the final test subject for the dead-cell reanimation project to free Big Boss. He comes back, like Fox did, as a semi-conscious Cyborg ninja. If you look closely when you go to see the trailer at E3, notice his eyes are closed while he is in the suit. A clue is said to be the subtle changes in Raiden’s eye color. It's unclear what it means, (as there is a gap) but it's believed he's changing almost into a different person... You only see his eyes a few times after the mine hits him and the first time you don’t notice, the second time you think you’re just seeing things, but the third time you see something else entirely. The suit has become a part of him, it can’t be taken off. 90% of his skin is gone and his muscles have atrophied. He is the new Fox in every way, and his genes? His genes are that of Big Boss himself, well half of them. He was spliced (Long story. Read above). Like the transformation of Ocelot to Liquid (which will also take place in MGS4) Raiden will become a completely different person (remember Fox’s severe psychosis? Raiden’s got it now). The game will have a last duel between all 3 snakes. Liquid will become himself again, Big Boss will be resurrected – if you read the above description you remember that is because in MGS1 the reason why the government couldn’t give up Big Boss’ DNA was because there wasn’t just DNA, his entire body was intact. He is literally the SAME Snake (Again, a long story, and it goes against MG2 but it’s explained. Read pg2-4 for the reasoning behind this), and Snake will be the one on his death bed soon. In the end a great battle is fought between 3 people, 20+ metal gears, and Raiden is officially killed. Solid Snake, Naked Snake (Naked because that is how Kojima planned it. If you remember when MGS3 came out MGS4 was already in talks, and Kojima had plans for him and he explains why he went by Naked Snake (hint: it’s not very subtle… it’s because he’s naked in MGS4. He doesn’t have a special suite yet and he’s pretty much a walking corpse). You can also see his image in the first MGS4 artwork (the blue wallpaper image on all the fan-sites).

“So it ends. Liquid fights Raiden and kills him, then stabs Solid Snake and he’s about to get his throat cut, but Big Boss kills him. Big Boss fights his son in one last battle in Outer Heaven, just like from MG and MG2. Then it happens. FoxDIE kicks in and Big Boss has a “heart-attack”. His body was too weak for the virus despite the antivirus he was given to survive. Snake is lying on his back and watches him die (similar to the ending of MGS1 when he’s trapped under the jeep and sees Liquid fall). This is where it gets depressing…

“Snake wants to destroy all the DNA remains so the genome project won't be allowed to continue. He gets all the bodies together, Raiden, Big Boss, and Liquid, and he burns them in a huge fire. The fire is also used to signal Otacon who picks him up. As he walks to the top of a dilapidated building adjacent to the fire, he falls down. He tries to get up, but he can’t. Meryl then catches up with him and helps him to the top of the stairs. He explains what happened, and then his eyes well up. He falls back into her arms on the staircase, and she barely manages to get him up to the top so the helicopter can spot them. The game ends as Snake slips away peacefully, apparently not from FoxDIE, but from exhaustion. Meryl holds him very close and closes her eyes. It actually says here the controller is set to vibrate like a heartbeat. 2 heartbeats, then one skips a beat, then fades until its just one beat (Meryl’s). When Snake does die, she doesn’t leave him. She doesn't even get up to signal Otacon. She just holds him tight and says,

Meryl: "Until we meet again."

The MGS logo appears and the screen fades to black.

See what I mean? Weird... Maybe its true, and maybe its not. I guess we’ll find out next year. I'm starting to think that it has SOME (but not too much) basis of truth though, I mean I'm starting to HOPE this is how it ends. After reading it again, I actually like it a lot. It brings you back to MG, MG2, MGS1, MGS2, and even MGS3 all in the last 15min of cinema.

At the end of MGS4, (it goes on) Meryl holds Snake as he peacefully dies. It says he didn't suffer because of something she injects him with (It's a bit cryptic what it was and he wispers something but we can't hear him, only Meryl can). She then gets a call from Naomi who (again) is disobeying orders from her superiors. She clears Snake's body for transport back into the US (from Outer Heaven) and Meryl delivers the body herself. (It goes on to explain) Snake's body was supposed to remain in the govt's hands so they could keep his genes to further the genome project, but Naomi realizes she owes Snake, even after death.

Meryl ends up burying Snake, but not where you think he'd be buried (it won't say where but it does say it's in Alaska, so not next to the Boss as I would have thought). This is where it gets weird:

Meryl is standing next to a mound by an old church. (It's assumed he is buried underneath the actual church, I think). Naomi walks in with a white flower and places it on the alter. She walks over to Meryl and explains how sorry she is for everything that happened in the past 48 hours. Meryl doesn't say anything but doesn't look mad, in fact (it describes) she is almost pleased to see her, despite the fact that Naomi gave Snake FoxDIE intentially as payback (from MGS1).

Naomi sits down and takes out an old Bible. She reads a verse and reflects on Mei Ling and her quotations about love, war, and loss. She smiles but then turns more serious. Meryl starts to walk out of the church, and gets something from her jeep. Naomi follows her out and says

Naomi: Meryl, there is something I have to ask you.

Meryl: ---

Naomi: Before Shadow Moses, who did you work for?

Meryl: --- (she squints into the sun and looks at Naomi)

Naomi: I'm sorry, I just had to ask. When I read about Snake, and the FOXHOUND revolt all those years ago, you weren't mentioned.

Meryl: ---

Naomi: As Campbell's neice you were the perfect bait to ensure his cooperation, but the file I found didn't explain anything about you, Meryl. None of it. I thought you were a soldier - One of the members sent in before the incident?

(At this point Meryl looks at Naomi then looks off to the side of her... something caught her off guard.)

Naomi: Meryl... who are you?

Meryl: Naomi, you have no idea who I am. (She then takes out a small pistol and holds it casually at her side). Who am I? (She takes a step towars her and points the gun at her head) What was I doing there? (she takes another step towards her) What was I doing on an island just before there was an unexpected revolt? Because I was asked to be. We all do our part, Naomi. We all have our role, our purpose, and our loyalties.

Naomi: I don't understand. Who asked you to be there? For what purpose? What were you asked to do?

Meryl: None of this matters anymore. The war is over. Our lives are over.

Naomi: Meryl! I know you're mad about Snake, but listen to me. I was wrong. You have to understand, I was doing what I thought had to be done... Snake was a great man.

Meryl: His name was David.

(She points the gun at Naomi and pulls the trigger. She then gets in her jeep and sits at the wheel. She drives off)

When Meryl says "Our lives are over" I have no idea what that even means. Not at all. Also, as per MGS "rules", there is ANOTHER last movie of only a phone call. Swful truth...

omeone walks up to a payphone and dials a 10 digit extention. You can see a woman's hand press 525-354-5652. The reciever clicks twice and Meryl speaks:

Meryl: It's over. I did what you asked me to do. I'm heading over there now.

She has Snake's bandanaa in her hand and as she hangs up the phone you're supposed to have no idea what happened. Kojima might be trying something new here: since this is the last installment, he wants fans to go online and REALLY discuss the ending and what it meant. He gives clues throughout the game so pay close attention. Also use common sense. Remember in MGS1 when you are asked to look at the CD case for Meryl's number? This time you are asked to look at a phonepad to see what number Meryl actually dialed. Ironic isn't it? I like the way that ties in... if you look at the numbers one of the possible matches is:




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